Covid restrictions lifted in hospitals for women experiencing child loss.

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Last night I experienced something that no woman should ever have to experience on their own and I do believe that in special circumstances, covid restrictions need to change.

Severe lower right abdominal pain, bleeding, dizziness and back pain took me to out of hours who immediately called 999 for an ambulance. Once the crew arrived I was told that my friend could not come with me, despite my chronic anxiety and other mental health conditions. I was packed into the back of an ambulance and given gas and air for the journey. Once we arrived at the hospital, I begged for them to let my partner join me as I was absolutely terrified and didn’t want to experience this on my own without my partners support, and my fear of hospitals made this 100x worse. They still said no. Gas and air was then taken away from me - hospital policy.

At the moment, covid restrictions mean that nobody is allowed to have visitors in A&E or have anyone accompany them. This rule goes for the elderly, those mentally ill and expectant mothers.

After writhing around in absolute agony and being denied anything more that paracetamol I started to become scared that something inside me was terribly wrong. I had never felt pain like it in all my life. I was dry heaving into a bowl, and almost blacking out from the pain. The only way I could relieve some of the pain was to push down hard into my lower right side with my fist, but this became difficult to do after a while. It took 3 hours before a doctor was able to come and see me, and it was then I was given devastating news. I was losing my baby. Again. Baby number 7. The pain I was experiencing was a backflow of bleeding that was coming out through my Fallopian tubes into my abdominal cavity. What do you do when someone is bleeding out? You put pressure on it. This is why pushing my fist into my side was helping, because it was stopping the flow of blood.

My pregnancy wasn’t normal, I had bled on and off, I had lots of pains and dizziness and I just knew something wasn’t right. I queried ectopic with the hospital a few times but this was never looked into due to my gestation.

I was told this news completely on my own, and then had to message my partner to let her know what had happened as she anxiously waited at home for me.

I understand that covid restrictions are important at the moment and as a high risk member of the public there’s nothing I wish more than to keep myself and others safe, but no woman should ever have to be left to wither around in a hospital bed in agony alone to then be told she has lost her baby, alone. At any sign of pregnancy loss, ectopic, abnormal bleeding they should be allowed the support of their partner.