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Remove New Hampshire State Auto Inspection

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You all know how ridiculous it is. If you think I am wrong, tell me you haven't been asked to replace or had the following at least once:

Tie rod, rust on rocker panel, inspection on a brand new car failing.

There are less than 15 States actually enforcing vehicle inspection and it is all due to the fact that they only generate money for the State and do not actually prevent or save lives, as our leaders would like us to believe.

But why every year? Why not every 3rd year, like some states? Why not just a state tested emissions, like other states? Why are we allowing PRIVATE garages to judge our fate?

Does NH really think there will be no bias? That someone who makes a living off of the thousands of dollars they charge each customer, with no real regulation, is going to help people or make a profit? In an article, one mechanic says that if you aren't happy, you should pay more money to go to another garage to get more opinions.

It should NOT be an opinion! It's an inspection! If you have to go to another garage to get an opinion and have the first opinion be WRONG, then this is only about money and that means we are being ripped off. I've heard countless stories of people doing so. Going to another place and getting a completely DIFFERENT set of issues with their car. This is not standard and therefore it is unfair.

NPR tried to contact the DMV and the State about it and they couldn't even anwser. This system is outdated and no longer required. It is a way to make the poorest in our communities suffer. People who's cars are perfectly safe but lose them and possibly even the jobs they need the cars to drive to, due to things like a window that won't roll down. 

This is on the edge of criminality. It makes less than .067% of the budget for the state.

For all the mechanics out there who try to convince the state and the people that it is not about the money, then you will have no issue removing it or expanding it. For the people who say it is about safety and you feel safer on the road, then you go ahead and get your car inspected every year.

I am asking the people of New Hampshire to put the DMV and the State Reps in our line of sight for this and to sign this petition to have the state mandated auto inspections removed from our state! 

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