Public Hearings for Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh PFOA Contamination


Public Hearings for Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh PFOA Contamination

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 UPDATE: Residents were recently delivered blood test results provided by the DOH to determine the exposure to the chemical PFOA.  The numbers are staggering and especially in the children.  The 6 year boy in the picture above could have shaved off one and half years of exposure if we were notified.  This would have been beneficial to HIM and all the other children and members of these communities.  Please note the average number for PFOA in blood is between 2 and 5. His was 142!!!   We DEMAND these hearings for these KIDS!!


 The small communities of Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh were recently both found to have contaminated drinking water due to a "Non-Stick" man made product used in the manufacturing of Teflon. The contaminant is a substance called PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) or C8. The man made substance has been linked to several types of CANCER (Kidney, testicular and other types), Thyroid Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Reproductive Disorders, Developmental Delays, Severe Birth Defects and other types of illness.   The Citizens of these small communities are DEMANDING that there be public hearings on a State or Federal level to determine why Residents were not notified immediately when the chemical PFOA was discovered by the NYS Department of Health, Department of Environmental Conservation, EPA and the Local Village Leaders.    In Hoosick Falls the contamination was found by a Private Citizen who had lost his Father to Kidney Cancer and started to investigate a reason why.  The PFOA contamination was reported to the Village Mayor, NYS Department of Health as well as the EPA and The Department of Environmental Conservation in August of 2014.  Members of these small communities have many unanswered questions.  Why did it take so long for our Government Officials to tell us about the high levels of this contaminant PFOA in our drinking water?  Why there was not regard to the health and public safety of these communities to a point where we were notified to stop using the drinking water in 2014?  The community was not notified for almost a year and a half  after the contaminant was brought to the Village of Hoosick Falls attention in August 2014.  The EPA stepped up in December 2015 and advised the Residents to stop drinking and cooking with the water. This was just days after the NYS Department of Health and the Village officials advised the water was "SAFE TO DRINK". Petersburgh NY was soon to follow and was advised not to use their drinking water in February 2015.  Both Manufacturers believed responsible for the contamination have been deemed a Superfund site by the EPA. We need your help getting the Public Hearings to take place with this petition.  We need those accountable for those communities to be held responsible for not informing the public of the poison in our drinking water. For not allowing us to protect our children's health.   The NY State Assembly has canceled the promised scheduled hearings to investigate those very questions.  We need to conduct those hearings not just for these small communities but for all small communities in New York State that may have similar problems in the future.  The State needs to be held accountable for not protecting the people they were elected to protect and serve. No other community should ever have to go through the "not knowing" that something that is a basic human right such as water is unsafe to drink! Take a proactive step to prevent this from happening again and teaching NY Officials from their mistakes. Be heard and stand up for what's right and fight!  

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