Allow Live NY State Music Advertising & Ticketed Shows At Bars/Restaurants/Venues

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New York State guidelines have now been sent to bars, restaurants and venues recently stating that live music now must be incidental, non-advertised and non-ticketed to adhere to guidelines. 

When Covid-19 became prevalent in NYS, bars, restaurants and venues where musicians have been performing for years, had to shut down. Working musicians have been waiting patiently to return to their performing lifeline.

There has been much confusion on what is permitted and what is not when it comes to live music.  With the re-opening of bars, restaurants and venues, bringing music back with social distancing along with the many guidelines has allowed musicians to start on the path to normalcy and make up at least a fraction of their lost income.  

Advertising and ticket sales are essential in a musician’s success but the current guidelines state we can no longer advertise even the smallest of shows, including when musicians are background dinner music. This has crossed the line. Venues that have tables with social distancing and a legitimate menu that have been compliant can no longer advertise a ticketed event or even free music.

We must make our government understand that this is unacceptable and will destroy our musical livelihood along with hurting our venues to the point of extinction. Please sign this petition to help us spread the word that musicians and venues have the right to advertise what little shows we have left!!