New Yorkers for a Full-Time Mayor

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New York is a twenty four seven city. It requires a full-time mayor and public servant dedicated to the city's efficient and equitable operation. We face countless challenges including broken transit, an affordable housing shortage, subpar schools in many parts of the city and an ever increasing divide between the poor and working class and the uber rich.

New York needs a mayor who cares about our city and has his or her sights set on the needs and concerns of its residents. Bill de Blasio has for years shown indifference to the concerns of average New Yorkers. And now he has the temerity to run for president, leaving the day to day operations of the city in the hands of unelected underlings.

Sign this petition to send our #partimemayor a message that it is time for him to resign and return City Hall to a mayor and public servant who has the public's interests at heart.

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Yours in transit,

Joel Epstein