Stop the Bureaucratic Persecution of a Union Carpenter!

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We, the undersigned members of the Carpenters Union, protest against the charges brought by New York City District Council “Inspector General” David Pie against our brother Jeffrey Nunes for supposedly “causing dissension”. We note that Pie has never worked as a carpenter, but yet he brings charges against Brother Nunes for fighting for the members. Brother Nunes was instrumental in opposing a contract that cut wages and benefits and introduced a second tier “Journeyperson”. By fighting this contract, Jeffrey Nunes was actually upholding our constitution which clearly states under Our Principles that, “We do not recognize the practice of grading skilled workers.” It was not Brother Nunes who caused dissension; it was Joe Geiger, the Executive Secretary Treasurer of the New York City Council of Carpenters, for having pushed through this horrible contract without the membership having the right to vote on it and without any prior notification of a deal having been reached. Both this contract and the charges against Brother Nunes are a threat to all of us. We call for all charges to be dropped. We know that all council executives serve at the pleasure of Doug McCarron, who can put any council under receivership, and we hold him as responsible for both this contract and the charges as is Joe Geiger.

Defend carpenters who stand up for our union and our livelihoods! Don’t allow them to set a standard of expelling honest members!