Keep Deborah Morse-Cunningham as Assistant Principal at New Dorp H​.​School and reward her

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Deborah Morse-Cunningham, a longtime educator and Assistant Principal at New Dorp High School on the South Shore of Staten Island, was attacked by racist activists after posting her opinion about types of priveleges.
She posted a text to her public Facebook page where racial differences were not mentioned, but some people decided that she wrote about Black community only and were offended. Being racists, these people do not understand that the described privileges are not exclusive privileges for Black community, but they are also privileges for White community.
We are alarmed that people who separate black people from white people, which means they are racists, want to influence educational destinations. People who separate people depending on skin color should not influence the future of the Great Country, teacher placement and other importand areas of life. Racists should be in prison.