Justice For Kamal Flowers

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Kamal Flowers' life was taken by an officer of the New Rochelle Police Department late Friday night, June 5th. The police claim Mr. Flowers was a passenger in a vehicle that was linked to "suspicious activity” from two nights prior, during an historic protest against police brutality and systemic racism.

The timing of this incident raises SERIOUS and IMMEDIATE concern for the safety of the black community in New Rochelle.

Though police commissioner, Joseph Schaller, has agreed to release the audio and video from the encounter, the officers involved were neither required to have a dashboard camera on their car, nor a recording device on their person.

Because of our community’s concern about the veracity of the police report, we call for these actions to be taken by The City of New Rochelle:

SUSPENSION: We call for the immediate suspension of all Police Officers involved in the shooting.

RELEASE VIDEO: Immediate release of all audio and video evidence from the Kamal Flowers case.

INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION: We call for an immediate investigation by New York State Attorney General Letitia James into the death of Kamal Flowers, who was killed by officers of the New Rochelle Police Department. 

REPEAL: Repeal provision 50-A, which allows police to hide their disciplinary record from the public.

DEFUND THE POLICE: We call for the City of New Rochelle to begin reallocating the budget of the New Rochelle Police Department to social services that truly serve the community.