#streetsignsmatter Rename Jefferson Davis Parkway to Norman C. Francis Parkway!

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The A.P. Tureaud Sr. Legacy Committee is petitioning rename Jefferson Davis Parkway  to Norman C. Francis Parkway in an effort to celebrate the contributions of African Americans. For far too long, we have honored and glorified racist individuals who fought to continue the practice of slavery and the oppression of BLACK people. Jefferson Davis, who had no connection to New Orleans, was a souther politician and slave owner, who served as the president of the Confederate States during the Civil War, The bloodiest conflict in our nations history. Davis’ notoriety and misdeeds should be noted in history but not memorialized in our streets.

Dr. Norman C. Francis is an American hero and a pillar of the African American community. He served in the United Stares Army and worked tirelessly during the civil rights movement. He housed the Freedom Riders on their stop in New Orleans. He served as the President of Xavier University of Louisiana for nearly 50 years and spearheaded efforts to create the state’s first African American owned bank, Liberty Bank. He was on the advance team who helped bring the Saints to New Orleans and was a minority owner of the team. When Louisiana was devastated after Hurricane Katrina, he rose to the challenge and lead the Louisiana Recovery Authority. He dedicated his life to the education and advancement of African Americans and people of underserved communities. He has likely awarded more blacks college graduates degrees than any other college president in American history. He has received over 40 honorary degrees from distinguished institutions of higher education. In 2006, Dr. Francis received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given to an American citizen.

New Orleans, it's time for change! Please join us and be an agent of Change!