Increase Climate Education and Action in New Haven Public Schools

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As the threat of the climate crisis continues to grow, it is increasingly vital to prepare the next generation to fight it. In accordance with the City of New Haven’s passage of the Climate Emergency Resolution, New Haven schools must respond to this issue through increased climate education and action. Schools need to take an interdisciplinary approach to teach students about the climate crisis in order to ensure a well-rounded climate education. Climate change is not just a scientific issue, it is an issue that will affect all areas of life. Thus, students must learn about climate education not only in science class, but also in other subject areas.

By implementing climate education through standard teaching practices and project-based learning, schools will give students the opportunity to formulate their own ideas surrounding solutions to climate change. Students will also have the chance to discover different climate issues they are passionate about and increase their knowledge surrounding them. Thus, climate education opens doors for various career paths and opportunities.

Additionally, it is equally important for New Haven Schools to increase their action surrounding the climate crisis. Different areas of the school’s functioning must reflect efforts to combat climate change. It is crucial that schools reflect a commitment to reducing greenhouse gasses in their operations.

The list of positive impacts of pursuing the above goes on and on. Most importantly, students will be thoroughly informed about numerous aspects of a real crisis that we cannot stall to act upon. Well informed students create a well-informed population, thus fostering an atmosphere of truth and support surrounding the climate crisis and solutions. 

Few districts have implemented an inter-departmental approach to the climate emergency. New Haven can become one of the nation’s leaders in climate education.