Stealing Dayton Water for Proposed Stagecoach Development

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AUG 24, 2019 — 

Hello Everyone, 

It has been a while since the petition was sent out regarding the Domestic Well Owners water battles VS NV Legislatures. 

We face yet another battle. Schaller Development is requesting from the Lyon County Commission to rezone 491.19 acres between Blackhawk Road and Caroline Way in Stagecoach from Rural to Suburban for the Desert Wells Preserve. They want to develop 1276 residential units/apartments. This will DRASTICALLY change Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs communities.

They want to build pipeline TAKING DAYTON’S WATER for the development and PUMPING their SEWAGE BACK to Dayton’s Treatment Plant. 

Please come share your opinion at the Lyon County Planning Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday September 10, 2019 @ 9:00 am. County building 27 S. Main Street, Yerington. Only 3 minutes allowed per person so please have your comments ready to deliver in that amount of time.

You can also email them or call them if you are not able to attend the meeting.

Rob Pyzel, Planning Director
775-463-6592 ext. 247

Bob Hastings, Chair District 3 

Ken Gray, District 3

Vida Keller, District 2 

Joe Mortensen, Vice Chair - District 4,

For those that can attend this meeting, let our voices be heard and let’s send a message that Rural areas need to stay Rural. If we wanted Suburban we would live in Vegas or Reno!! Lyon County is very large, has the potential to be larger than Vegas. One would expect some development in the center of towns such as downtown Dayton and downtown Silver Springs but the outskirt rural areas of those towns and especially Stagecoach/Stagecoach Valley should be kept rural so people can have acreage, animals, and farms. Lyon County needs to maintain a delicate balance when considering expanding and they need to not turn our county into Vegas or Reno and choose the greed of developers over the will of the county residents. 

Thank you for your time.