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Save and Protect Your Domestic Wells and Water!

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THIS IS A STATEWIDE WATER BATTLE between every domestic well owner in Nevada and the Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Study Water. This petition is sponsored by The Rural Nevada Domestic Wells Co-operative Inc., Private Well Owners Co-operative of Nye County and by concerned well owners in the state of Nevada. The Subcommittee to Study Water is trying to force water meters on all domestic wells, at the well owners expense, and cut our right to water from 2 acre feet per year to 1/2 acre foot per year. A cut of 75%. Water use would also be limited to household use only, with no outside watering of any kind. No gardens, trees or animals. Domestic well water charges would be controlled by the state with penalties for over use. We will be charged for our own water from our own wells. A State authorized meter reader will come on our properties to verify usage and charges. If you live in an area where water pipes are laid in the ground, the Committee wants to force you to cap your well and hook up to a private water company system, at your own expense. Water speculators are installing pipes to rural areas hoping the State will force well owners to connect. In other words, the State is about to take your right to water away and give them to private companies, and do it at your expense. Water for future developments has been OVER PERMITTED. They want to solve this problem by taking your water and giving it to developers. There won't be any conservation of existing water, just a re-distribution of the existing water to developers and private water companies. Are you willing to give up 75% of the water you already own in order to help private developers and private water companies make vast new profits? Are you willing to allow the State to charge you for your own water that you already own? Are you willing to give up your trees, gardens and animals, so that others can profit from your water? Join us in fighting these proposals by signing this petition so we can stop the government from taking our property. THIS IS A REGULATORY TAKING BY THE GOVERMENT.

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