Netflix, We Want to Watch the Credits

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Dear Netflix,

We want to watch the credits full screen, and without distraction.

Hundreds, or even thousands of people work together to create a film or series episode for our enjoyment. We want to honor those people by watching the credits. We sometimes want to ruminate on what we just saw without being jarringly thrown into an ad for your other content. And heck, sometimes we just want to listen to the last snippet of the composer's beautiful score in a nice dark room.

On many of your platform apps, as soon as the credits start, they shrink into a tiny box, and we’re shown an ad for your other content. Sure, it may not be an ad in the traditional sense, but many of us feel that we're being shouted at, saying “hey, those people in the credits aren't important — come watch this other stuff instead!” And y'know, that's fine once the film is actually over, but interrupting our enjoyment of the closing moments of the film, so that you can shout at us, is exactly why many of us left cable TV years ago. Having to go through gymnastics any time we want to watch the credits (which for many of us is every time) is exhausting.

I'm sure not everyone feels the same way about the credits, but at least give us the option for a peaceful credits experience. A box to check, that tells you to keep the credits full screen and leave us alone until the movie or episode is over.

While you're at it, please give us an option to kill obnoxiously loud menu trailers, the “skip intro” button, and the automatic skip-ahead when playing the next episode in a series, eh? We just want to watch the film or episode as its creators made it, without modification.


Your viewers who care about the experience

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