Save Stargate Universe

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We the audience humbly ask you to consider our case that it would profit both Netflix and MGM Studios to cooperate in reviving the television series Stargate Universe (SGU). Information has emerged subsequent to SGU's cancellation which demonstrates its viewers to be far more numerous than heretofore believed, and ideally suited to become Netflix customers. We hereby petition Netflix to evaluate SGU in this light. As epic space science fiction, SGU has highly focused appeal to a desirable and exceptionally avantgarde demographic: Geeks, technophiles, early adopters--viewers in the coveted 18-49 age range who embrace tomorrow's technology today, and who prefer to watch series via the Internet through gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, smart phones, tablets, iPods, smart TVs, etc. Thus, though the Nielsen ratings measure conventional audiences with laudable accuracy, SGU's uniquely unconventional viewers went largely uncounted, watching in ways and time frames beyond The Nielsen Company's purview. This gave SGU the illusory appearance of unpopularity and skewed its reported demographics.    There is considerable evidence that SGU's audience is large, enthusiastic, and still clamoring for the show's return:  When Syfy announced SGU's cancellation, the resulting social media firestorm prompted an article by Forbes, and an unprecedented "open letter" from Syfy to fans.  The "Save Stargate Universe" Facebook page dwarfs all other "save a series" pages, with over 79,000 followers, and has inspired two more Forbes articles. On July 6, 2012, SGU won five out of the six Constellation Awards that a TV series can possibly win, even defeating the hugely successful Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead in the "Best Series"category by more than five to one. The voting public decides the Constellation Awards. According to Alexa statistics, the Stargate franchise, led by SGU, brings more search traffic to than all of MGM's other movies and shows combined. Smart-DVR manufacturer TiVo published an article about the extraordinary popularity of SGU re-runs among its tech-savvy customers. Over 11 million Netflix customer reviews rate the Stargate franchise an average of 4 stars out of 5; over a million of these reviews are for SGU, and rank it the best part of the entire franchise. As you know, each Netflix customer may enter only one rating per series or movie. The fan fiction work "Stargate Universe: The Virtual Third Season" has surpassed 250,000 downloads.  Please let SGU be remembered as a pioneer of the Internet television revolution, led by the visionaries at Netflix.  All Stargate and Sci-fi Fans should support this petition Special thanks to Blake Linton , Laurence Moroney, Chris Zellmer, Suzanne Phillips, Kelley Hirst, Evgeniya Lazarova, James Hannah, Torben Krogh Madsen and TheDudeDean aka Dean Bairaktaris