Netflix Resolution Menu / WQHD Streaming Compatibility

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For more than 10 years YouTube has a resolution/quality list, where you can pick in what resolution you want to view the video. Netflix - one of the world's biggest streaming services - hasn't. And thats not the only thing: Netflix only provides a couple of resolutions, but many other, like WQHD, not.

"And why does this matter?" you might think. Its true that there are not many tv's with WQHD, but this is anyways a huge incompatibility since many gaming monitors make use of WQHD as a step between Full HD and 4K.

I PAY for beeing able to watch Netflix streams up to 4K resolution (in case of premium subscription) but even with an WQHD monitor I only get Full HD because Netflix only supports Full HD or 4K, as said. But you can't retrieve a 4K stream with a WQHD monitor and then downgrade the resolution because of so called HDCP 2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 2.2), which is a Digital Content Protection procedure for protecting copyrighted material from being pirated. To be able to retrieve or watch 4K streams that are protected by HDCP, your monitor has to be HDCP 2.2 compatible, but only 4K Monitors have v2.2 compatibility because only those need this feature - obviously.


Why is Netflix that incompatible? I mean, of course, thats not the biggest problem we currently have and it hasn't the highest priority right now, but as a matter of fact its STILL a problem we should face.


tl;dr: Many, many Netflix users have monitors capable of more than just normal Full HD, but only get a Full HD stream from Netflix, even if their subscription would allow a resolution up to 4K and they pay for exectly that feature.


btw: I'm a software developer and this is almost no effort to code/implement this feature. They already have a media proxy (Responsible for changing the resolution of the input source video to the requested output resolution) and so they only have to change like a few lines of code and add a selection-list like known from youtube.