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Rename the show "Gypsy"

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"Gypsy" is a racist slur against Romani people who have suffered from slavery and genocide and who have been targeted by the Nazis in World War II. Romani people still suffer from segregation in education and housing, forced evictions, demolition of their property, the denial of access to clean water and much more even in this day and age. By keeping the name Netflix is normalizing the usage of a racist slur.

Netflix has stated that the show has been named after (and inspired by) the same named Fleetwood Mac song, and is not targeting Romani with the slur, and that it is "not racist" because of that, but the matter of fact is that "Gypsy" is still a slur, no matter in which context it is being used. (The Fleetwood Mac song also unmistakably fetishizes Romani people and specific aspects of Romani culture mainstream media loves to romanticize.)

This show is about a promiscuous woman, who starts affairs and might even be considered as "oversexual" to some. Normally there would be nothing bad about a show revolving around a character like this, but in this case it's different. - Because this show is named "Gypsy" people will start (and are already starting) to associate the show and the characteristics of the main character with Romani people, especially Romani women who have always been dealing with stereotypes of being "sexual temptresses" and promiscuous and "oversexual" regarding of age. By not renaming the show Netflix is subconsciously fueling the fetishism and negative stereotypes of Romani women.

Rename the show. There should not be a show named after a racist slur in this day and age.

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