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The final season of Carmen Sandiego was a rollercoaster, comparing to the other seasons this one was so much greater and emotionally draining, the ending was a bit rushed tho. It was cute seeying Shadowsan reuniting with his brother and everything but in the end Carmen was pratically left alone and I'M STILL SOBBING! If someone doubted that RedCrackle was a thing this season it was like they were screaming it in our faces and I was sad ( even Chief said he was smitten) I understand that the show does not revolve around romance and that's refreshing but now that Carmen reached her goal I think it would be awesome to see her finally enjoying her life and get with Gray. Gray said the same thing that Carmen said in S2 about not wanting to complicate her life, and then they still met. I don't want to just imagine them reuniting, we deserve a bonus episode with proper closure, a hugh between Carmen and Player, more Dadowsan and all the gang together being goofy. Of course... REDCRACKLE TURNING CANON. And this is already foi long, but we deserve this so let's go, 'cause I'm not ready to say bye bye to my favorite show.