Netflix - AIDS Did Not Come From Haiti - Delete EP#9

Netflix - AIDS Did Not Come From Haiti - Delete EP#9

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On May 22, 2020 – Netflix released a “Netflix Original” docuseries, entitled History 101. In Episode 9 “AIDS”; Netflix and the producers of this documentary “ITN Productions” included a false and very hateful narrative which suggests that HIV/AIDS was spread by Haitian people.

In the documentary, motion graphics are used to visually depict Haiti as an epicenter for HIV/AIDS spreading directly from the Congo to several neighboring countries and eventually around the world. As this graphic plays, a narrator says “In the Democratic Republic of Congo an infected chimp is either eaten or has its blood mixed with a humans, perhaps during a hunt. By the 1960s it reaches Haiti, home to many people who work in the Congo and who may have bought it back with them. By the 1980s up to 300,000 people are likely infected without yet knowing what it is.”


We are calling Netflix to act responsibly in this matter and remove the episode immediately. In the first quarter of 2020, Netflix had over 182 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide. Of these subscribers, 69.9 million were from the United States. Misinformation is dangerous.

We call ITN Production, the producers and researchers of this episode to step forward and support the immediate removal of this episode from Netflix and any other platform that it may have been published. This content should not be share or presented as fact on any media outlets again.

Going forward we ask that this stigma against Haiti and Haitian people be put to rest. It is rooted in racism and should no longer be referenced as factual data by anyone researching HIV/AIDS and is origin. In fact, given all of the funding and research that has gone to support HIV/AIDS research over the past 30 years; is important that major corporations and media giants like Netflix help END THE STIGMA not perpetuate it.


“On March 4, 1983, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control listed Haitians as one of the four “high-risk” groups for AIDS. The federal designation singled out Haitians as the only ethnic group believed to be inherently susceptible to the then-mysterious disease. As such, they became members of the notorious “4-H” club that also included homosexuals, heroin users, and hemophiliacs. This sparked a new wave of discrimination. Many people of Haitian descent were fired or denied employment, housing, and admission to school. Immigrants played a critical role in the grassroots movements that combated HIV and AIDS.” – HIVPlusMag [May 21, 2013]

“At the height of the AIDS crisis, the Food and Drug Administration banned Haitians from donating blood. Nicole Rosefort, a retired New York City public-school teacher, recalls her father being sick in the hospital and desperately needing a blood transfusion. “When my sister and I went to donate, we were turned away. We couldn't give blood for our own father.”

Haitians mobilized against the ban, protesting in large numbers in Washington, Boston, and Miami. The activism culminated on April 20, 1990, when between fifty thousand and eighty thousand people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to denounce the ban and the stigmatization and discrimination connected to it.” – The New Yorker [December 29, 2017]


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3. Use the hashtag #AIDSdidNOTcomefromHaiti, tag @Netflix and post the hashtag in their comment section.

4. Contact Netflix to request removal of the video. Main:(888)638-3549 | Customer Service: (866) 579-7172 | Headquarters: (888) 638-3549.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!