Bring back “Designated Survivor“ for season 4

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This show needs to be continued! Not only because of the countless loose ends the third season left us fans behind with. Not only because of the fantastic cast, that really deserves so much more attention for their effort and brillant performances which made “Designated Survivor” what it is. Not only because of the outstanding storyline and storytelling ability the show’s writers came up with. 

No, it should most importantly be renewed, because of the impact it already had and could have in the future on political education not only of the students and people of the United States of America but for students and people all over the world. “Designated Survivor” emphasizes the importance of your own voice. I am glad that I grew up in a country in which I have the privilege to go and vote. This message needs to be spread. And “Designated Survivor” does a great job of doing so by explaining to an extend how politics work, how many different criteria need to be considered to make a political decision. This is studying politics combined with the joy of watching a really excellent TV-show. 

Every fan of politics and good TV-shows needs to be interested in another and hopefully even more seasons of this great piece of entertainment. Maybe we can have our voices heard by signing this petition!