Stop Nestlé from stealing water from Indigenous communities

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Most Canadian citizens have access to enough clean water to cook, clean, bathe and drink, however, in Indigenous communities throughout Canada, there is a lack of accessible clean water. Part of the reason for this is because large corporations like Nestlé have been given permission by the government to take water from these communities, leaving them with nothing.

For example, the Indigenous peoples who live near Kawkawa Lake in British Columbia are forced to restrict their water during droughts, but Nestlé is allowed to continue extracting precious water at the same rate.

For many years, Nestlé did not even pay to extract water from this lake until 2016, due to pressure from the citizens of this community. Since 2016, Nestlé has paid $2.25 per MILLION litres of water, which is very low compared to other provinces.

Most of us take water for granted however there are other Canadian citizens who do not have the access that we do. Sign this petition to help increase awareness for this issue, and stop large corporations from taking advantage of Indigenous communities.