Stop creating needless waste

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Currently baby food is being offered in non-recyclable food containers that is adding to the waste in landfills. The food in the pouches expire after 24 hours of being opened which promotes waste, especially for babies who cannot finish the amount within the day. Most babies beginning food only consume approximately half of the pouch within the 24 hour time frame. Although the companies market these pouches as contributing to convenience, they are creating double the waste- the pouch itself, and the food in it. 

By packaging the food in jars of both small and large sizes it would help reduce the waste of the food as it keeps up to 3 days in a jar. Glass jars are recyclable and reusable which would eliminate needless waste and keep our environment cleaner and healthier for our children.

We want to get plastics out of the landfills to pass down a healthier Earth to our children. By making this simple change we are creating a more sustainable solution to our waste management problems while still having the convenience of ready made baby food.