Donaldson Run Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Calming

Donaldson Run Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Calming

June 1, 2020
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Donaldson Run residents
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Why this petition matters

Started by Elizabeth Lord

I am a Donaldson Run resident and neighbor.  Last Friday, our life turned upside down when a car traveling upward of 40-50 mph mowed down our 10-year old daughter and puppy at the corner of North Upshur Street and North Vermont Street.  Our puppy Peanut was killed instantly (or so we hope).  Our daughter sustained injuries and was hospitalized with fear of an intestinal laceration.  We are lucky she's alive.  Because it was a hit and run, there is an ongoing criminal investigation and charges will be brought.  

There is some peace in that.  But, no resolution.  No resolution because our neighborhood intersections and streets remain dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and cars alike.  Especially dangerous for pedestrians.  Anyone who lives in or around the six intersections shown in the attached knows how dangerous they are.  Sometimes even terrifying.  Between the hills, blind curves, thoroughfare like streets (often without sidewalks on both sides) and wide-open intersections, pedestrians put their lives in their hands when they step into any street in our neighborhood. This is exacerbated by the increase in non-neighborhood drivers traveling at high speed, often distracted, using our streets as a cut-through. 

Our neighborhood prides itself on its walkability.  We now have not one but two walkable public schools.  Walking trails are all around us.  We can even walk to shops at Lee Heights. Our streets have seen dramatic increases in pedestrian traffic during this time as people, and especially children, go outside for exercise and recreation. Pedestrians crossing and walking in the streets need cars to slow down and yield, to give way to pedestrians, and to allow pedestrians room to walk safely where there are no sidewalks. Children especially need and deserve to walk and bike safely on our neighborhood streets.

We would like to see three simple measures put in place at each of these intersections - (1) stop signs, (2) crosswalk stripes on the asphalt and (3) curb extensions or mini-circles if deemed appropriate/necessary by County traffic experts. If you agree, and would like to see these intersections become safe for your neighbors, please sign this petition.  Our goal is to get 150+ signatures over the next two weeks.

With hope that we'll have sufficient support, we then intend to advocate the County to implement these measures ASAP at each of these intersections to allow drivers more visibility of pedestrians, to slow down cars traveling at high speed and to provide clear crossing passage for walkers.  We believe that with enough signatures, the County will listen to our collective voices.

We don't want any neighbor to endure the pain we've been through this past week.  Thank you for supporting this effort.

Liz Lord & Mike Mount (N. 25th Street)

With support from:

Teresa & Steve Gido (N. Upshur Street) | Rebecca & Jim Heaney (Vacation Lane & N. Utah St.) | Bob Cannon (N. Vernon Street)


Support now
Signatures: 746Next Goal: 1,000
Support now

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