End the Rio Frio Fest Live Animal Abuse

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The Rio Frio Fest is a festival in Concan, TX that takes place in March and involves concerts and activities. Some of the activities involve abusing live animals for entertainment sake, most notably the wild hog sacking event that takes place during two days and nights of the festival at Neal's Lodges, which is scheduled for March 15 and March 16 in 2019. 

Wild pigs are trapped in the wild by Neal's Lodges and another trapper who brings these innocent beings to the event. After facing the trauma of being trapped and transported and probably much more, the pigs are forced into this event at the Joe Jimmy's part of Neal's Lodges to be chased around by children and adults with the goal of catching them and throwing the pigs in a bag and bringing the bag to the finish line. Each set of hogs forced into the ring clearly doesn't want to be part of this barbaric event and they have no way out, not even their screams and attempts at escape are enough to get humans to leave them alone. The hogs face extremely aggressive and violent treatment and mockery from the participants and one burlap feed bag is used to bag two live pigs, so one pig gets thrown in the bag and then at some point another pig gets thrown on top of them in the same bag before the bag gets dragged away with both of the tormented beings inside. To make matters worse, at the end of each event they have a free-for-all where participants throw as many live pigs into one bag as they can in a given amount of time. The pigs are extremely traumatized before, during and after the event.

There are festivals taking place all over the world where humans can have a good time without having to resort to abusing animals. We'd like for Neal's Lodges to get rid of their wild hog sacking event, which is nothing but blatant abuse and discrimination for the temporary pleasure. The year is 2019 and with so much cruelty already taking place in the world, why are some humans still going out of their way to create even more? Traditions of separating families and abusing individuals all for the sake of entertainment need to end. Please ask Neal's Lodges to discontinue their wild hog sacking event.