Free the innocent: Darné Brown

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Darné Brown is a lot of things, father, husband, brother, son, and hard worker. One thing he isn't, is a murderer. September 10, 2018 was the day trial started for the 2012 murder of pregnant Hawa Gabbidon. September 2018 changed our lives.

They defamed his character, talked in circles, and threw the jury out the courtroom every chance they got to speak off the record. After 18 long and agonizing days and no evidence, the judge thought it was a good idea to detain him so the jury could deliberate, although the jury knew nothing about this. No forewarning or anything. After 3 days of a dead locked jury the judge made them come to a conclusion and make a decision. Guilty! But how?!He received a guilty verdict and October 4, 2018 he was given 2 consecutive life sentences, all for a crime that he did not commit. Even though they gave him a guilty verdict, the state prosecutor couldn't prove his guilt by evidence. No weapon, no fingerprints, no nothing. That was the worst day for our family. He didn't have a fair shot. The courts didn't even allow him to say goodbye.

We have enough innocent black men behind bars. We need our fathers, sons, brothers and husbands out here with us. Darné is innocent and he deserves justice. By signing this petition, you agree that justice should be served on Darné's behalf. It's not fair. He should not be punished for a crime he didn't commit. Please sign this petition, in support of Darné and his wife, kids, mom and brothers to bring him home. Support the innocent. Free the innocent. Bring Darné home!