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Please if you have had any dealings with Lisa Lewis over sick pups, sick dogs, any pup/dog that died or cost a great deal to get well. If you have been scammed by this flipper.  PLEASE sign the petition,  so I will have an army of support to have action taken against her. SHE HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED!!! AND THERE IS AN ACTIVE INVESTIGATION AGAINST LISA. She is impersonating others with pics that are shown with the pups/dogs. She says she is working with local and Non-local rescues. She doesn’t have a partnership with anyone with a good reputation.  She is a compulsive liar living near Lenior, NC in Gamewell. PLS HELP THE ANIMALS **Please sign and/or write the DEPT OF AGRICULTURE c/o Vetenarian Lindsay Lloyd - building - AHT - ANIMAL WELFARE SECTION VETERINARY DIVISION - STATE ROAD, NC