Redress our the Survivors of Australias Stolen Generation they've waited long enough!

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Victoria is the only state in Australia with no redress scheme in place for Stolen Generations survivors, twenty one years after the release of the Bringing Them Home Report on 27 May 1997 only five of the 54 Recommendations have been implemented. Stolen Generations survivors in Victoria have rallied and demand action and call on the Victorian Government to immediately establish a Compensation Fund and Victorian Redress Scheme for Stolen Generations survivors.
We the undersigned Petition the Victorian Government to expedite monetary compensation to all Stolen Generation survivors in Victoria and to expedite compensations to those Surviving Stolen Generations Elders on compassionate grounds, and that compensation be awarded under the; Heads of damage That monetary compensation be provided to people affected by forcible removal under the following heads; Racial discrimination, Arbitrary deprivation of liberty, Pain and suffering, Abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Disruption of family life, Loss of cultural rights and fulfilment, Loss of native title rights, Labour exploitation, Economic loss, Loss of opportunities.