Bring down college fees for Indian Students due to COVID-19

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Most Indian Engineering & Medical Colleges charge hefty fees of ₹ 1-4 Lacs per semester. Due to COVID-19, the earnings of middle-class families have gone down drastically, and in many cases have come down to a zero, where the earning parents have lost their jobs and businesses. Thus, lacs of students & parents are worried about the upcoming semester and the payable fees for the same. College authorities, despite having a significant cut in operational costs like electricity, maintenance, hostel, and mess sustenance, have not provided any concession in student fees. In such a situation, students are being forced to pay the full fee for the facilities which are not even maintained due to the nationwide lockdown.

As a concerned Indian and teacher at an educational institution, it is my humble request to the Govt. of India, and all stakeholders in government and private colleges to reduce the academic fee for the next semester and adjust the hostel / mess fee for the past few months in the next semester to benefit all students. The crisis is real, and the majority of the parents are having a difficult time to fund the expenses of their children.

Our current college students are the future of our nation. 2020 is a difficult year for everyone and is all about survival. It's in times like this that we have to stand united and provide for the greater good of the nation. We have to keep educating our youth, for a better future. So I hope some stringent regulations are made to give concessions on college fee for next 6 months at-least.