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Free Them All and Stop Imposing Sedition Act

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We know that Malaysia has democratic deficit. Never before in Malaysian history, you find a member of parliament being arrested for making a speech in parliament. And I think that goes against not just the basic issue of freedom of expression. But parliamentary immunity, that are granted to every member parliament.

So I think it's a very dangerous precedent. I certainly, perhaps expected to be investigated, perhaps, invited to come give my statement to a police station, which I did willingly and voluntarily. But to be arrested over night, mind you, no questions were asked of me are related to my investigation. And following that, all my other colleagues, the secretary general of my party, the other vice president of my party were arrested on the many charges. 

Almost all members of the parliament that are detained from the opposition coalition, were not question in relation to our incarceration. So what does it mean? It means they want to punish us. They want to silence dissents. The want to create the culture of fear. 

And that's why I feel that Malaysians must wake up. It's because after the opposition leader conviction, the fourth time that Anwar Ibrahim has been sentenced, you see one by one, an affront to the opposition, an affront to the members of parliament, and even media personnel, being arrested, and the recent one, on 3rd of April, cartoonist Zuna, slapped with nine charges of sedition, for just tweeting criticism against the judiciary. 

Does it frighten me? You know, we have been part of the reform movement for seventeen years. Only seventeen years. Many others have been there more before us. If we are not the one to resist, melawan, there will be nothing left in our homeland.

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