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Ritz Crackers currently have ingredients likely sourced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including soybean oil, sugar (Roundup Ready sugar beets), cottonseed oil (Bt Toxin cotton), high fructose corn syrup (Roundup Ready and/or Bt Toxin corn), and soy lecithin (Roundup Ready and/or Bt Toxin soybeans).

GMOs have not been proven safe for human consumption and have been associated with severe environmental issues, including an increase in chemical usage, the creation of superweeds and superinsects resistant to pesticides, destruction of soil ecology, and loss of biodiversity.

Additionally, Roundup Ready varieties have been shown to destroy human gut microflora, and the Bt Toxin varieties have been shown to destroy red blood cells.

According to government-sponsored surveys, Ritz Crackers are the #1 perceived snack food in America. Americans deserve to purchase a safe, clean product, free of GMOs and other unhealthy additives.

Learn more about GMOs here.

Letter to
CEO of Mondelez International, Nabisco's Parent Company Irene Rosenfeld
Americans deserve safe, clean foods. Unfortunately, Ritz Crackers are loaded with genetically modified organisms that have been shown to cause human health and environmental issues.

Ritz Crackers are the #1 perceived brand of snack food in America, according to surveys. When the public finds out that they are loaded with organisms that have not been properly evaluated for human or environmental safety, that is very likely to change.

It's time to get the GMOs out of Ritz Crackers and source new ingredients from non-GMO crops.

Your customers deserve it.

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