WE STAND WITH GARY JUBELIN: The DPP to drop all charges against Gary Jubelin. Forthwith.

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The NSW Department of Public Prosecution has filed 4 charges against Dectective Cheif Inspector Gary Jubelin. Those charges being alleged breaches of the Surveillance Device Act 2007. It has not been made public under what section of that act Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin has been charged. We the undersigned members of the Australian Public are seeking all charges laid by the N.S.W DPP, against Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin be dismissed forthwith. As the mother of a Homicide Victim, I along with numerous other Homicide Victims Families know the unending work, time & dedication Gary Jubelin has put into bringing resolve to many Victims families as well as his ongoing support of Homicide Victims families as well as Missing persons families who,s family members cases have not been resolved by N.S.W legal system. Gary Jubelin’s work on the Willian Tyrell case has been constant & he has kept that case in the public’s eye since day one. Gary Jubelin has supported so many people since joining the N.S.W Police Force in 1985. It is a travesty that the N.S.W Police Force, are treating an extremely hard working, dedicated high ranking officer, with such disregard for all the years of hard investigative work & good results he has brought forward from his dedication to the N.S.W Police Force. Please Stand With Gary Jubelin & support this petition by signing & sharing it. 

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