MUSE - please release Drones Tour as DVD!

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Dear Muse,

we love you and we enjoyed an awesome tour now with Simulation Theory. We heard that you are filming both London shows for another concert movie - that's really cool because your ST tour will look amazing on the cinema screen.

But: We were waiting two years for Drones tour finally coming to cinema. And until today (1 year after cinema) we are still waiting for this tour coming out on DVD or Bluray. It was such a brilliant gig and all collector fans would love to buy it. Some of us especially because they found themselves on the screen (like "holy sh... is that me?!").

You're dropping a collectors set for 20th birthday of Origin of Symmetry right before Christmas. Maybe you can make us another Christmas present and will think about that Drones-thing?

Lots of fans would really appreciate it.

Remember: We love you and your music, the livegigs make something special with us (that's how drugs must feel like), lots of people make new friends there and share their love together. That's all because of YOU, that's pure bliss! It would be awesome to have another gig at home where all Musers can share their memories with friends on the screen.

You try to make me crazy
You make me agitated

Thank you!
A bunch of Muse fans