Nigeria Next President Must Agree To A Total Reform of The Government

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Nigeria Next President Must Agree To Reform The Government

Politics in Nigeria is in total turmoil, officials are being teargased in broad daylight, herdmens are still killing our siblings in the east, and president buhari despite his best has failed in his quest to reduce corruption and terrorism because he's yet to come up with a solution to Nigeria problems. Blame games don't cut it anymore, it's time to Reform the government.
Reforming The government would require them to serve voters, not corporate or special interests. I.e (president Trump might be controversial but he's delivering on his promises to his voters and the Americans love him for it)
Public Citizen will also work to empower ordinary citizens, reduce the influence of big corporations on government, open the government to public scrutiny, and hold public officials accountable for their misdeeds.
The objectives of the reform should be:
1. Establishing a Government System with More Effective Political Leadership
2. Restructuring of National Administrative Organs
3. A More Transparent Administration which would be a major win for the current government policy
4. Streamlining of the Government.
There will be no more regional killings (christians and Muslims will know their rights)
Donald Trump recently Discuss Christian Killings With President Buhari
Am sure you will agree with me that the Nigeria government is just like a bloated android device, trust me there are some Federal agencies out there that should be merged which will help save budget, and we will be able to secure our borders and harmonize our identity as a nation, no nation on planet earth survives without a proper citizen data which is a shame cause we don't have one in Nigeria.
Our government will be able to serve the Nigerian populance way better in this 21st century than it's current state afterall the US has a Congressional oversight program that review, monitor and supervise federal agencies, programs, activities, and policy implementation and it has been in existence since 1816 and moreover president Trump has agreed to Reform United States government for the 21st century
Nigeria will be 68 years old in a couple of months and this will show that as a nation we are progressing and moving forward. President Buhari should think of this as a birthday gift to us.
Am trying to get this message across to everyone of us who believe in the brilliant future of this great country called Nigeria.
Give us "Hope" in this country, we all deserve it

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