Zero-tolerance for Workplace Harassment in Japan!

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Glen Wood was a highly successful executive with Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley in Tokyo. In a few years he earned tens of millions of dollars of profit for the firm. Then, when his son was about to be born, he requested paternity leave (a legal right for all employees in Japan), but the company flatly rejected it. Later, when his son was born prematurely and in a life-threatening condition, Glen again requested leave and it was again denied. He rushed to his son's side anyway.

When he returned to work he was harassed daily and then stripped of his responsibilities, his title, and his salary. His superiors insulted him both directly and behind his back to his co-workers, and ultimately fired him without compensation. Since then, Glen has been fighting to get reinstated at the company. He has also become a high-profile champion of basic human rights in a corporate culture that regularly ignores them.

Glen speaks out in support of employee rights and decries the practices of parental harassment, sexual harassment, power harassment, and more that have become common management tools in Japanese companies. We stand for a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind in the workplace and respectfully ask that MUFG Morgan Stanley adopt such a policy. 

Glen interviewed about workplace harassment on the BBC.