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Killing of street dogs for the EUROVISION Song Contest 2017, in Kiev / Ukraine

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Killing of street dogs for the EUROVISION Song Contest 2017
in Kiev, Ukraine.

In order to “clean up” the streets for visitors to the 2012 UEFA European football championship in Ukraine, thousands of stray dogs were brutally killed.

Now with the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest about to take place in Kiev in May, Ukrainian animal welfare groups are very concerned that this strategy could be repeated. And unfortunately it turns out they are right. There are already evidences of ongoing killings and that Kiev city council has given "green light" to the so called “dog hunters”.

This is in strong contrast to the winning Ukrainian song at Eurovision 2016 by Jamala, who sang about humanity and joy towards all living beings in the Ukraine.

Already the European media has taken up this shocking story, while hundreds of thousands of people have heard about it through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is hardly positive for the image of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest 2017! 
If this situation does not change, friends of animals will definitely decide not to travel to the event in the Ukraine or even to turn on their TV.

The killing of stray animals is not only contrary to Ukrainian law (section 299 of the Criminal Code), but would also be a violation of the European Convention for the Protection of Domestic Animals, which was signed by the government in 2011.

This petition is addressed to Mr. Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest . 
We ask the organizers of Eurovision 2017 to intervene about his issue with
the Vice Prime Ministr of Ukraine Mr. V. Kyrylenko and the Mayor of Kiev Mr Vitali Klitschko. 

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