a call to action for brands to cut ties with Shane Dawson & jeffree star

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I have created this petition because performative activism is not enough. this is a call to action for big and small makeup brands to end thier support of jeffree star and Shane Dawson. Jeffree star is a well known makeup influencer notorious for his rampant racism and out burst , Shane Dawson is a well known YouTuber who rose to fame by using racial slurs , pedophilia and violent racism In his content. too often are we seeing brands claim to stand with the black community and black lives matter while actively supporting the people who contribute to the pain and suffering of the oppressed. I was inspired by Rihanna's pull up challenge to create my own for brands to really take a call to action. the damage that jeffree and Shane have inflicted on so many people should not have the support of million dollar companies. it is a direct slap in the face to be told that we are seen and heard when companies are turning a blind eye to the perpatrators they are working with. this has been an on going issue for years from Shane's comments about finding children sexy , mocking Trayvon martins death & pretending to get off over 11 year old willow smith to jeffree's racist nazi lipstick line , frequent use of the derogatory term "nigger" & just 2018 calling Jackie aina a gorilla. these are not all of their offenses as that list would be a mile long but these are a disturbing few. if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything and it is time we see actually change and progress be made in the beauty community.