Petition to let mom get me a cat.

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Gaiss ini gk usah di baca soalnya ini di require to make the petition, ty (tapi pls sign ya). I want a cat but mom wont let me so gitu deh. So please help me get my mom to get me a cat because i rlly want one and god will repay your good deeds if you sign this petition. Yea, so here's sum background info, my mom used to sneak in cats in her home but she doesn't let me do it and she says she hates cats but she actually doesn't. She also is sick of me talking about cats and I need a cat by the end of 2021. She thinks I won't be a responsible pet owner because i don't take care of our pet fish but like its a fish not a ✨cat✨. So if you sign this petition i'll be rlly grateful and it would be so much help. So yea. And i told mom that cats could be a form of therapy but she denies it and i gave her a website and she believed it but she still doesn't want a cat so yea. Aku mulai bosen nulis so im just gonna write random alphabets to fill the next 235 words required. ejfnejbnjfnaljfnwjekfnwfjnjfnwjfnfkjfkndfjvndjvndfbjfjkdnjkdfnvdnvdgughrejgjrgbfdjbfhjbfjnbfjnvdjkfvndjkfnvjdkfbfbfnjksfnjsfnwjefasdfghjkl;qwertyuiopzxcvbnm,asdfghjkqwertyuisdfghjksxcvbnmsdfghjksdfghjertyuisdfghjwertyuisdfghjkwertyuasdfghj.