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In a case of gross intolerance, many students at Missouri State University are petitioning to have Lindsey Kolb's image removed from the banner at Carrington Hall. With this petition, have come vile insults and attacks. Many students, who ride under the banner of "tolerance," have called Lindsey "awful" "intolerant," and a host of other vile name unsuitable for printing. 

Regardless of your views on the recent SOGI ordinance repeal, there's no excuse for targeting one student with such a vicious cyber-bullying campaign. There's no reason why frustrated students should vent by attacking a student, who has only called for "civil discourse," and who, by the way, isn't even registered to vote in Springfield.

Note: The drafters of the alternative position claim that their effort against Lindsey is not personal and only aims to spread awareness about LGBT issues. Not so. How is forcibly removing someone's face from a place on honor on campus *not* personal? Lindsey has unfortunately become the scapegoat for much campus frustration. Claims that this isn't a personal attack are only meant to assuage the guilt of those perpetuating the cyber bullying campaign against Lindsey. We challenge those in support of removing Lindsey's banner to take down the petition and reject each individual attack on Lindsey, such as those calling her a "bigot," "awful person," and other vile names. 

Please sign this petition and share with others if you #StandWithLindsey! 

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