Approve Clemency for Wainsworth Unique Hall

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My father is NOT A VIOLENT MAN. He has NEVER been convicted of a violent offense/crime nor has he engaged in any violence while serving time in the many maximum security prisons he has been in throughout the country. There is nothing else that prison can do for him. HIS SERVICE IS MUCH NEEDED IN OUR COMMUNITIES. The system has been keeping him out of the Courts by using procedural hurdles as a roadblock for the MANDATORY MINIMUM LAWS.

WE NEED YOUR HELP CORRECTING THIS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. In 1993, a 29 year old Wainsworth Hall was convicted by a jury of violating NON-VIOLENT Federal drug trafficking laws. In particular, Crack Cocaine. As a result, Wainsworth was sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON without the possibility of parole.   A federal LIFE SENTENCE means that Wainsworth will die in prison absent a successful appeal or without an applicable retroactive change in the laws that imprisoned him.

These unjust crack law sentences are based on the framework of multiple MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE:

-Violating the Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause

-Violating the Sixth Amendment jury trail guarantee

-Judicial fact-finding to aggravate the crime

-Exceeding the relevant statutory maximum authorized by the jury verdict

-Violating the Eighth Amendment

Wainsworth’s LIFE sentence without parole for a NON-VIOLENT drug offense constitutes a miscarriage of justice in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's Sixth Amendment jurisprudence and Congress' newly enacted Fair Sentencing Act of 2010.  The Fair Sentencing Act reduced crack cocaine penalties because their UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNFAIR application resulted in disproportionate punishments

Wainsworth’s draconian sentence is a prime example of excessive punishment and unjust practices that Congress and the Courts have deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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