Tatjana Golovleva back in Nürburgring after unjustified ban!

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In the date 6/6/2017 Tatjana Golovleva, race driver and driving coach on racetracks, received a letter that communicate her about a full ban from Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit for a presumt taxi lap made by her in the date of 4/6/2017 during tourist driving laps day. All this is very interesting because she wasn't on track on 4/6/2017. She has always worked following the rules and transmitting this value and the importance of safety to driving both on track and on the road to everybody. It's looks like a revenge of somebody that reported this to the direction or to the taxi license manager of circuit, maybe for work disagreement, or else for envy or who knows why. The work of a woman who has always done with precision, dedication but above all so much passion and sacrifice, completely destroyed, her career put in bad light...without counting the psychological impact on her. Do you think this is all right? I my opinion no, it is unfair and violates the normal rights of a person who works and lives for this and does not even have the opportunity to counteract all this.

Help her to clarify this situation, delete this unfair ban.

We want back on track Tatjana...the Princess of Green Hell!!!

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