Let's Save The Sharks from Shark Fin Soup and The Effects of Global Warming!

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The issue is that a lot of people illegally catch sharks that are at the brink of extinction or even endangered. These people can also commit shark finning when they cut off the poor sharks' fins and throw them back into the ocean. Some sharks are caught and turned into shark fin soup, a delicacy in Asia. Our goal in protecting the sharks is to spread awareness and inform people of what they are doing. Sharks are now critically endangered because of people (especially fishermen) who hunt them down and kill them. They do this because dried shark fins can cost up to $1,000 to $1m even though a shark fin is only five% of the sharks' body, if they sell dried shark fins, they can get a lot of money. Global warming can also have an impact on how sharks can go extinct, the carbon dioxide that we produce every day can result in acid rain, forcing the sharks and the other sea animals to change habitats. Global warming can also result in sea level rise because it melts the ice in the artic and anywhere frozen, turning it into a liquid and it gathers with the water in the ocean and makes the water level go up,