Save the country from fake and communal news.

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My fellow citizens, you are being fooled everyday on various modes of communication. 

Do you want the news that reaches you to be true and factual or  fake and communal?

It is on you to decide. 

Over the past few days, fake news has flooded newspapers, media channels, social media platforms. 
Many of these news incidents have actively been responsible for spreading hatred, fear and panic. 

This fake and communal news immediately reaches lakhs of people and many believe it. We hardly have any other mode of knowing what is correct and what is not. Even after being called out, apologies might be issued but the damage is already done!

Most channels, newspapers and media platforms would call it a mere mistake. But, do they not realise that that one MISTAKE can lead to rampant discrimination, hatred, suicide attempts or even lynchings! And in times of a pandemic, a piece of fake news can cause so much panic and fear. 

Fake news, news presented in a way that it targets a community, has reached our drawing rooms through newspapers and television sets. It has reached everyone through phone and social media. 

We cannot let this hatred go unaccounted. This act puts the entire country and our fellow citizens in danger. A mere apology will not deter the propagators of fake news. 

We are already dealing with a pandemic, we don’t have the capacity to let fake and communal news make the crisis worse for us. 

We need to act and media channels and newspapers have to be made accountable. If we don’t act now, things will get worse in the future. 

Please sign my petition asking the I & B Ministry of the Indian Government to act:

Issue guidelines to all media channels regarding reporting on the pandemic, clearly stating that no community should be targeted while reporting on the pandemic.
Ensure that those channels and newspapers who publish fake news are held accountable. Legal action should be taken against them. 

I urge you to show support so that those who spread hate and false information are held responsible under law. If we come together we can save our country from these fake news peddlers who want to destroy it!