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Investigate Genk's death and stop Illegal Ivory Trade!

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His name is Papa Genk. He has a mate, Ibu Suci, and a child, Baby Rosa. This family of elephants is loved among the villages nearby in Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia. But several days ago I heard from a ranger that “Genk” had been killed. I never imagined it to be like this.

When I heard the news I decided to see it for myself along with Conservation Response Unit (CRU). But first I went to visit Ibu Suci and Baby Rosa. They were quieter than usual. I can even see tears coming down from their eyes.

Off I go to the location around 2 kilometers from where I was from. Along the way I can already see many traps devised to capture huge animals such as elephants. From afar I can already smell it. Maybe because Genk has been dead for two days at this time.

When I got there, I was shocked. Never seen something so gruesome. It was clear that he was first paralyzed with a small mine. After he was debilitated, they cut his face off so they can cut off his tusks right from the top of his head.

Illegal trade of ivories has gone on long enough. With this petition I call upon President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan, and Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah not only to investigate and bring perpetrators to justice, but also have a complete crackdown on illegal ivory trade!

After asking around, I found that the value of ivory is atleast USD 2500 per KG. On average they can amount to USD 5000-10000 per KG. And Genk's tusks were about 25 KG. So whoever took it from him could be seeing atleast USD25000 worth of ivory. That’s insane!

Please help me stop this madness. Sign the petition.

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