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Open Letter to MOFA China&relevant authorities

Help International Students Return to China

Jan 25, 2021 — 

The China International Student Union has been established and drafted an open letter to authorities suggesting possible with solution to the problems presented as a result of the current visa ban. This included the democratic input of student representatives from over 200 universities.

Please share and send to your local chinese ambassadors and journalists for maximum impact.

The letter reads as follows:

25th January 2021

To whom it may concern,

China International Student Union which consists of representatives from over 200 universities across China have shared their findings and stand on behalf of fellow students stuck outside China.

 The association through information gathering from the public has learned about the planned demonstration by scholars on NO RETURN NO PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES, based on the information we gathered the students' argument which are as follows.

 1. They argued they can’t keep paying school fees for online degrees, which their country has stated won’t be acceptable in their respective countries.

2. They argued that what they paid for is physical classes and should be given what they paid for.

3. They went further to argue that online classes are of extremely poor quality.

4. They also pointed out that the time difference between China makes online classes impossible. During our information gathering we learned a lot of students attend online classes between 12am to 6am.

5. We further gathered that students from developing countries have poor internet access and other technical issues trying to connect to classes online.

6. We also gathered that students cannot concentrate at home due to reasons such as the environment is not education friendly (noise, interference from family) 

    We have noted clearly what they are demanding from their respective universities, Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and other relevant authorities. Their demands are stated below:

A clear date when they could return to their schools in China. We further reminded them of the pandemic, and they argued that just like business people are returning to China through Negative PCR test + Antibody test for COVID-19, quarantine and other epidemic control measures. They are willing to follow these protocols.

   China International Student Union haven’t decided or endorse no payment no return policy, but we are joining the rest of the students in asking for a clear date of return from the relevant authorities in China. There are epidemic control measures for traveling, and we suggest China implements these epidemic control measures and return students back to their schools as their future is already in jeopardy.

    We understand the fears of the Chinese government about students bringing the virus into China ,so in addition to the epidemic control measures,we are suggesting a stepwise return process beginning from graduating class and practical based majors,Then gradually to every student.

    Thanks for your understanding.

   Yours faithfully,


China International Student Union.


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