Ocean Pollution

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Why should you read this petition and support us? Because this is an very serious issue. We are talking about water pollution, water pollution doesn't only affect animals but also humans, millions of people are poor and cannot get clean water because we have polluted oceans, rivers and lakes. The whole survival of life on this planet depends on water! the point is water is very important, we need to make sure it is clean and and not damaging entire ecosystems.

Ocean pollution is everywhere. One of it is Indonesia. The cause is from industrial waste, chemical, and particles. And half percent comes from land. People didn't care about our ecosystem especially the ocean. even though ocean makes the ecosystem looks better. billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the ocean.

Rapid urban growth such as industries has created numbers of environmental problems and unbalanced ecosystems. Water pollution is one of the main or worst problem from and for Indonesia. These are not just caused by industrial waste, but it is also caused by agriculture waste and residential waste. This problem can cause an even bigger problem. It could destroy the coral reefs and that also defines that the water animal’s ecosystem is destroyed. Not only the animals but also us, humans.

Proper sewage treatment. Most urban regions around the world are served by domestic sewer systems that collect sewer. Green agricultural practices. Agricultural production qualify as massive causal agents for water pollution. Industrial waste water treatment. Industrial facilities generate loads of wastewater

All the information about water pollution is true and heartbreaking. Our water is being contaminated by our trash. After learning all of this information about the water pollution in Indonesia, we should rethink your actions. We should start cleaning our water and stop polluting it. All of the waste that has been dumped into our ocean can be cleaned and the environment will be perfect again. We can reuse, reduce, and recycle things. Let’s start cleaning and stop polluting!