Construction of a new French Public Elementary School in Stittsville

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Maurice-Lapointe school is designed to hold 600 students. However, we have just under 1,000 students currently enrolled and growing at an average rate of 10% each year. Last year, 250 students found themselves in portables. This year, over 400 students and the staff to support them are outside, spread throughout a village of 18 portables on the school grounds.

As you can imagine, the health and safety issues are numerous, and the school’s infrastructure simply cannot support the current number of students and staff. Examples of the numerous side effects of the overcrowding include: children who have accidents waiting in line for the bathroom, an average 5-8 minute one way walk to the bathroom from the outside portables, slips and falls on icy surfaces and ramps in the portables area, inability to hold a school-wide meeting, competition for the gyms, insufficient areas for recess, extra staff required to monitor outdoor spaces around portables, and much more.


The Maurice-Lapointe school community asks that the Provincial Government approves the funding for the construction of a new school on Cope Drive in Stittsville: Kanata South French Public School.

-  Land is already owned by the school board at 155 Cope Drive

-  Request was made to the Ministry of Education by the school board in September 2019

-  The new school would draw 475+ students from Maurice-Lapointe, reducing the catchment area of Maurice-Lapointe, and bringing its school population back down to its intended number of 600 instead of close to 1,000