Mr Cronin - Please Fly elsewhere

Mr Cronin - Please Fly elsewhere

9 August 2022
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The Hon Tanya Plibersek (Minister for Environment and Water)
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Why this petition matters

OPEN LETTER to Mr Ray Cronin,  Director Mission Helicopters  

Dear Mr Cronin,

We refer to your business Mission Helicopters Air Services currently proposed and approved for 2224 Tully Mission  Beach Road. We ask you to change its location to one where it cannot disrupt and disturb Mission Beach residents and wildlife. Residents of Mission Beach have already suffered serious disharmony as a result of the approval for your development.

There is strong community objection to any type of helicopter facility being located in the heart of town at 2224 Tully Mission Beach Road.

The ‘compromise deal’ brokered to avoid a court hearing against the facility does not represent the community that campaigned against the development.

The noise trials have reinforced to residents in the vicinity of your proposed development how disruptive and intrusive this development would be.

Mission Beach has built a reputation as a nature-based tourism destination set within the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef world heritage environments. Residents and visitors are attracted to experience the low-key village atmosphere, peace and quiet, and to be immersed in nature; with the best chance of seeing a cassowary in the wild. These qualities underpin our community ‘sense of identity’ reinforced over decades of consistent  messaging during community feedback for projects affecting amenity, character and the natural environment.

The community has no objection to an appropriately located helicopter service near Mission Beach - but not  on your chosen site, where it is adjacent to the wilderness reserve between two villages.

Your proposed 9m (three-storey equivalent) industrial hangar complex will comprise a jarring interruption along the scenic  route into town , along with the risk of encountering the peace shattering sound of low-level helicopter use. 

Even if there were a strong case for a rescue helicopter to be based at Mission Beach, it should only be located well  away from residential areas and cassowary corridors. Helicopter noise is extremely loud, unpleasant and intrusive.

The recent increase in helicopters flying over Mission Beach and along the shoreline has shown just how disruptive and upsetting the noise can be to  residents and shorebirds.

Local residents who value the natural context of Mission Beach and its village amenity know that helicopter operations in the heart of our villages can only have an unacceptable impact on the overall amenity of Mission Beach.  Your proposed helicopter aerodrome has already caused social division and continues to cause ongoing anxiety and stress within our community.

The No Helicopters Here campaign supporters respectfully appeal to you, Mr Cronin:

We ask you to locate your business at a site where it cannot disturb and disrupt Mission Beach residents, our peaceful residential lifestyle, and our sensitive and important wildlife.

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Signatures: 1,071Next goal: 1,500
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