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Please improve all zoos in Indonesia by making a national committee which oversees all zoos and standards

The conditions of the zoos in Indonesia are shocking : The cages are dirty and small, the animals suffer from malnutrition and diseases due to poor or even missing  veterinary care . The Surabaya Zoo and Bukittinggi Zoo have now countless deaths due to poor and sorrowful animal husbandry.

What we want is a national committee of independent animal welfare organizations , which together develop a plan of minimum standards of appropriate animal husbandry in zoos. This includes diet plans , compounds  ( size, environment and infrastructure ) as well as the necessary veterinary care . Animal Friends Jogja ( AFJ ) and Jakarta Animal Aid Network ( JAAN ) already offer to participate in this national committee.

It is NOT about fighting against the indonesian zoo owners. It is NOT about criticising. It is about helping the animals so they can finally live in an appropriate environment they actually deserve.  It is about fighting the illness and deaths that occures too often in these zoos. It is about ending the suffering and torture these animals have to bear all day long.

 It's time to finally replace the negative headlines about the fatal stories of Indonesian zoos with good news . It is time the animals get finally their respect they have earned. It is time that Indonesia can finally be proud when it comes to the topic of zoos and animal welfare. It's time to change something . Be part of the change and vote for it!

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  • Minister of Forestry Department, Zulkifli Hasan

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