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Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

TO: The Honorable House of Representatives, Congressmen, Senators, Department of State, Diplomatic Personnel involved and interested in the subject addressed on this letter.

FROM: Ms. Indira Solis, Movimiento Cubano Por La Libertad Condicional 

(Cuban Movement for Conditional Freedom). CFRP.

Cell: (352)351-6376

Email: indisolis102.5@gmail.com

RE: Cuba - Reinstatement of the CFRP, Petitioners and beneficiaries in process without favorable response for two years on the promised Parole program for Cuba.

While artists seeking work contracts and cultural exchange; former officials of the Dictatorship in Cuba enter the United States, they du so without restrictions. While officials of dhe dictatorship have traveled tothe United States Without.

Acoustic Tracks.

Distinguished Members of the U.S. Government, we would like to submit the following statements for your consideration:

1- That the pending beneficiaries of a CP3 are still awaiting on the concession of such a benefit due to the events transpiring at this very moment in Cuba where such a process was halted. For this unfavorable reason, they do not have an I-130 as an option. Trying to initiate such an option would imply having to wait several years for the process. Also, they would have to restart from the very beginning of such a process (because of not being notified on time of such a halt).

2- That many beneficiaries had to stop their education and work as a result of the priority and urgency the process demanded in which the promise to reunite them in a short time with the family in the United States was offered, then stopped. Not having a job in Cuba is considered a social offense; an individual can be prosecuted after warnings of repressive nature).

3- That the beneficiary is forever and dangerously targeted by the Cuban regime, since the intention and the start of emigration procedures to leave Cuba permanently, is considered a major offense to the regime. Immigration to the United States from Cuba, whether illegal or legal, is taken as an act of treason by the ruling dictatorship, and all the agencies that work and collaborate on their behalf. This will also result in many sanctions and human rights violations.

4- That all minors who are prioritized for the expedition of visa F2A.  will lose their right to it when they reach their 15th birthday. In such a case, they are automatically moved onto a more delayed process, for which they were not psychologically prepared for (the F2B).

5- That a beneficiary at the age of 15 is registered in a military facility to be, then, indoctrinated and trained until he reaches the age of Compulsory Military Service. Subsequently, when the time comes, he is recruited and placed at the mercy of the regime; and now, with Venezuela's current situation, the regime is preparing them for possible missions as a soldier (mandatory service) to intervene in that country’s conflicts. After compulsory military service, they are automatically registered as a military reservist,  exposing him to active duty at any time.  Beneficiary recruits are treated with greater rigor and derogatory treatment as children of their permanent US- resident parents.

6- That the beneficiaries, upon losing their jobs and studying for the migratory process are constantly harassed by the many agencies at the service of the Cuban regime, and exposed to frequent check stops (an arbitrary measure by the Dictatorship).

7- That the beneficiaries have no choice but to remain in Cuba  -a country where the most basic rights are violated: human, civil, and political-  where they stay behind, alone, without their closest family members.  The main objective for which their petitioning relatives left them behind is in the hope of finding a legal way to remove them from a country in which such a human rights are violated by its totalitarian regime. Many Cubans have risked their lives to achieve their freedom;  that is the greatest proof that a dictatorship without limits governs Cuba.

8- That, due to the stoppage of the migratory process, the beneficiaries are talking about the only option at hand of joining an imminent mass exodus (already covered in the news-headlines by the US news modicum).  Many Cubans are already exposing their own lives to danger in trying to reach their loved ones, who as permanent residents in the U.S, have been investing their time and thousands of dollars and doing everything  they can within the statutes of the law to bring such family members home. The attempts in such massive exodus aforementioned has resulted, in many instances, in the loss of lives; and those who fail in their attempts to enter the US without the proper documents end up being imprisoned and subsequently deported.

9- That the beneficiary is exposed to stressful and dangerous circumstances for being the a child of parents who have become legal USA citizens, and permanent residents of the United States. Crime rate has rampant in Cuba and, in most cases, there is no one able to assure the safety of those children who stay behind and very far from relatives and in a country devoid of laws.

10- That Cuba, where our beneficiaries are clamoring for their relatives to rescue them at once, are still in a country constantly sanctioned by the United States and suspected of the acoustic attacks without any evidence so far. As of today, there is still no evidence, however, Cuba remains as the number one suspected country. Such is the case With many other complaints.

11- That our beneficiaries are in a country where the Constitution was updated with new requirements and laws that do not contribute, in any way, to the benefit of its  people, and where the rigors caused by the regime are now even greater.

12- That we have the urgency to bring our beneficiaries to the United States and out of Cuba for political reasons which clearly defines the reality of the abuses from the Cuban regime over its people;  reasons as to why our family member who remain in Cuba are most vulnerable to any negative situations and outcomes for being involved in an emigration process. To the Cuban Dictatorship, such a process has always caused its beneficiaries to be considered enemies of the regime; there is ample evidence to account for their human rights violations.

13-That the beneficiaries suffer food shortages, and basic hygiene products regardless of the many supplies that are sent to them, because in Cuba, the economic crisis continues to increase. The senior officials of the dictatorship in Cuba are constantly announcing of the current economic condition faced by the Cubans, yet, such a dictatorship lives well, and still is the main cause of deplorable conditions in Cuba. In addition, the sanctions imposed the U.S. government on Cuba are, as well, detrimental to the Cuban people.

14- The voices calling for the resuming of the CFRP for Cuba belong to petitioners of an exiled, hardworking class, who are also respectful of the laws; residents, and future citizens who will subsequently become officially citizens of this great nation (which transpire into voters and future voters).

15- And the most important statement of all is that,  every family has the right to maintain their family members reunification process, particularly as protected by the law and well justified, as presented here, and even more so, when it has been guaranteed by the U.S. State Department, which manages the CFRP program. This is a benefit, at the discretion of the State Department, and in knowing so, we are most grateful for it; that being said, its stoppage places thousands of lives on a stand still, and begging for the reactivation of such a program; a program which has been promised to them.  The proof is seen on each automatic response, the USCIS updates from the US Embassy in Cuba, and in all available web pages; also, in the references of some representatives who made promises to help, thus, creating an atmosphere of excitement among Cubans.

Yet, at the present, a deep sense sadness is predominant among the people, because they feel abandoned by the very country they have been looking forward to enter, thus legally, in order to enjoy its freedoms, as well as, fomenting a family life where they can become productive citizens.

There are thousands of cases still pending  for the approval of a promised opportunity to exile from a repressive dictatorship to come to such a great nation: the United States of America  -with a fair form of government of which its word we still trust. We implore for the CFRP to be reinstated for Cubans’ sake!

It is a well-known fact that Cuba is a country exposed to constant sanctions for its hostile, totalitarian stance, and the unconfirmed suspicions of acoustic attacks by its dictatorial government, as indicated by the United States and other countries as well.

And because of this, the humble class, the Cuban people are the ones that have been, for over five decades, paying the high price of extreme poverty and the tyranny of a dictatorial regime in Cuba.

Therefore, I emphasize that the CFRP should mean more than just a benefit in word, but also in practice; it should mean an ACTIVE AND MEANINGFUL POLITICAL AND HUMANITARIAN PROCESS!

I plead for the reactivation of the ‘Probation Operation for Cuba'.


We are very grateful to this country for the freedoms and opportunities already granted, and we are looking forward to a favorable and immediate response on the pending CFRP ADVANCE PAROLE PROGRAM.

Post Note: Our hearts are with you and we continue to lament the events of the acoustic attacks, the suffering of the victims and their families. We do hope that the many family member, particularly our children do not suffer the consequences for such an atrocity, for they are not guilty of such an evil attack.


1. 40% of the U.S. personnel remain active at the US Embassy in Cuba. Are they immune to possible new attacks?

2. We firmly believe that there are trained diplomats who would still travel to Cuba unaccompanied, in spite of the risk, and willing to work with the remaining 40% of U.S. personnel, in solidarity for our cause...the continuation of the CFRP. Process.

3. We also believe that, in any part of the world there are risks, as it has been in China, where an Acoustic Case was reported.

4. Such has been the case in America, where an evil attack took place by terrorists on September11... a tragedy never to be forgotten!

Please, we ask for the reactivation of the CFRP process!

With our heartfelt gratitude,

Ms. Indira Solis,

Movimiento Cubano Por La Libertad Condicional (Cuban Movement for Conditional Freedom). CFRP.


Un cordial saludo!

Cámara de representantes, Honorables Congresistas, Senadores, Departamento de Estado, Todo Personal Diplomático involucrados e interesados en el tema: Cuba, Ataques acústicos, Reanudación del CFRP, Peticionarios y beneficiarios en proceso sin respuesta favorable desde hace dos años sobre el lugar prometido para reanudar  (Programa de parole para Cuba). 

Artistas por contratos de trabajo e intercambio cultural y funcionarios de la Dictadura en Cuba entran a los Estados Unidos sin restricciones mientras sucede lo siguiente que con argumentos les presentamos a continuación: 

#1- Que los beneficiarios en su gran mayoría pendientes a un CP3 dependen solo de ese beneficio porque, por no prever esto que ahora mismo acontece, no tienen en proceso una I-130 como opción, y comenzarla para muchas categorias implica muchos años de espera, pues sería comenzar desde 0. (No les informaron a tiempo).

#2- Que el beneficiario tronchó o detuvo sus estudios y trabajo a consecuencias de la inmediatez del proceso que prometía reunificarlos en breve tiempo con la familia en EE.UU. (No tener trabajo en Cuba es tomado como peligrosidad social y pueden ser procesados después de advertencias con caracter represivo).

#3- Que el beneficiario queda para siempre y peligrosamente marcado ante el régimen Cubano desde que comienza sus trámites migratorios por estar en trámites de salida definitiva del país. La inmigración para los Estados Unidos desde Cuba, ya sea ilegal o legal, es tomado como traición por parte de la DICTADURA gobernante y de todos los organismos que trabajan y colaboran a su favor. Eso le resta al beneficiario aún mas derechos de los que normalmente la Dictadura está acostumbrada a violar.

#4- Que los beneficiarios menores de edad que son favorecidos por una prioridad de visa mas inmediata: F2A. Ellos pierden el derecho a la misma al cumplir la mayoría de edad y pasan automáticamente a otra prioridad de visa mas demorada para la que Psicológicamente no estaban preparados: F2B.

#5- Que el beneficiario desde los 15 años es registrado en un Área de Atención Militar para ser controlado hasta que cumpla la edad de Servicio Militar Obligatorio, y llegado el momento, es reclutado sin nada que justifique lo contrario, y que ahora con la situación actual de Venezuela los están preparando para posible misión como intervención militar (obligatoria) en dicho país en conflicto. Después del servicio militar obligatorio, quedan automáticamente registrados para la reserva expuestos a cualquier llamado. Los reclutas beneficiarios son tratados con mayor rigor y de forma despectiva por ser hijos de Residentes permanente y Ciudadanos Estadounidenses.

#6- Que el beneficiario al perder su trabajo y estudio por el proceso es constantemente hostigado y molestado por los organismos de masa al servicio del régimen Cubano quedando expuestos a conteos de protección. (Medida arbitraria por parte de la Dictadura).

#7- Que los beneficiarios se quedaron en Cuba, un país donde se violan los derechos mas elementales: Humanos, civiles y políticos y están solos sin sus familiares mas cercanos. El objetivo principal por el cual sus familiares peticionarios los dejaron atrás, es porque todos esos jóvenes Cubanos han pasado cada segundo de sus vidas sufriendo en una Dictadura clamando libertad. Muchos Cubanos han arriesgado sus vidas por lograrlo, y esa es la moyor prueba de que en Cuba gobierna una Dictadura sin límites.

#8- (Que el beneficiario está hablando de sumarse a un inminente éxodo masivo que ya cubre titulares en los medios de prensa Estadounidense). Ya existe un éxodo masivo por frontera de miles de Cubanos beneficiarios del CFRP que exponen sus vidas al peligro tratando de alcanzar a sus seres queridos (Familiares mas cercanos) peticionarios residentes y ciudadanos que invirtieron tiempo y dinero en hacer todo dentro de la ley. (Intento que ha cobrado y sigue cobrando muchas vidas, y hoy con la nueva ley en vigor la gran mayoría resultan presos y posteriormente deportados).

#9- Que el beneficiario está expuesto a situaciones de estrés y circunstancias peligrosas por el hecho de ser hijo de ciudadanos y residentes permanentes de los Estados Unidos, ya que en Cuba se ha incrementado el índice de delincuencia, y que nadie responde por la seguridad de estas personas que viven tan lejos de su familiares en un país carente de leyes y defensa legal.

#10- Que Cuba, donde nuestros beneficiarios están clamando a voces a sus familiares que los rescaten de una vez y hagamos algo al respecto, es un país sancionado constantemente por los Estados Unidos y denunciado hasta de ejercer el terrorismo, refiriendo tener argumentos, como por ejemplo, los casos clínicos diagnosticados como consecuencia de ataques acústicos. (No hay pruebas, pero Cuba permanece como el primer país sospechoso). 'Entre otras tantas denuncias'.

#11- Que nuestros beneficiarios están en un país donde se actualizó una Constitución con nuevos requisitos y leyes que no aportan nada a favor del pueblo y que el rigor ahora es aún mayor.

#12- Que queremos traer de Cuba a nuestros beneficiarios por razones políticas debido a todos estos argumentos que juramos bajo palabra, y que definen la realidad del pueblo Cubano; razones por las que son ellos los mas vulnerables ante cualquier situación y desenlace por estar involucrados en un proceso de inmigración para un país que la Dictadura Cubana siempre ha considerado y considera su enemigo. (Existen pruebas).

13-Que los beneficiarios sufren escasez y necesidades de los elementos hasta de primer orden, tanto alimenticios como de higiene por mas que se les envíen las remesas, pues en Cuba se sigue incrementando la crisis económica generalizada, situación expresada como anuncio de parte de altos funcionarios de la propia Dictadura.

14- Las voces que piden la reanudación del CFRP para Cuba pertenecen a peticionarios de una clase exiliada, trabajadora, respetuosa de las leyes, residentes, futuros ciudadanos, ciudadanos; beneficiarios futuros residentes y posteriormente ciudadanos, todos (electores y futuros electores).

15- Y el argumento mas importante y principal es que toda familia tiene el derecho a mantener su proceso de reunificación familiar si este es amparado por la ley y bien justificado como aquí se plantea, y con mas razón aún cuando se ha sido invitado bajo palabra del Departamento de Estado de un gobierno en quien se ha puesto toda la confianza y que ha sigo gestor del CFRP. Se trata de un beneficio, bajo discreción del Departamento de Estado; pero también se trata, de miles de vidas en pausa, suplicando la (Libertad Condicional) que aún mantienen vigente bajo palabra. La prueba está en cada respuesta automática, las actualizaciones de USCIS, de la Embajada Estadounidense en Cuba de todos las páginas Web disponibles, las referencias de algunos representantes que prometen hacer y que mantienen tantas vidas ilusionadas. La tristeza predomina, porque ya parecen jugar con los sentimientos de tantas familias que sufren! Existen miles de # de casos, según información esperando el lugar prometido. (Esa es la palabra de un Gobierno justo en el que todavía confiamos). Cuando y donde? CFRP.

(El CFRP Debe ser en el caso de Cuba, un país expuesto a constante sanciones por su postura hostil, totalitaria, que al formar parte de sospechas de ataques acústicos, es también señalado por todo lo que Estados Unidos y otros países refieren y apoyan... >La clase humilde es la que ha pagado las consecuencias durante mas de medio siglo<. Entonces, como decía, el CFRP debe ser mas que un beneficio, un PROCESO POLÍTICO Y HUMANITARIO). Creo es hora de activar una 'Operación de Libertad Condicional para Cuba'.


Agradecemos mucho a este país las oportunidades de libertad ya otorgadas, y esperamos una respuesta favorable e inmediata sobre lo que queda pendiente: ((CFRP ADVANCE PAROLE PROGRAM)). 

Desde nuestro corazones, seguimos lamentando el suceso de los ataques acústicos, el sufrimiento de las víctimas y de sus familiares! 

Nuestros hijos no son culpables de los ataques acústicos! Libertad condicional para los inocentes! 

Pregunta: El 40% del personal que permanece activo el la Embajada Estadounidense en Cuba, está inmune a posibles nuevos ataques? Creemos firmemente que existen diplomáticos capacitados dispuestos a viajar constantemente a Cuba no acompañados, arriesgarse con ese 40% de sus hermanos de patria, a trabajar en solidaridad con nuestra causa para dar continuidad al CFRP. Creemos también que en cualquier parte del mundo existen riesgos, porque en China se reportó un (Caso Acústico). Perdón por este tema tan sensible; pero hasta en el propio país Estados Unidos han sufrido ataques no precisamente Acústicos, pero también terrorista, Ejemplo: El derribo de las torres gemelas, caso 11/Septiembre. (En todas partes siempre hay riesgos).

Gracias por la atención prestada!

Les reitero el saludo.