Free Chris Dunn NOW!

Free Chris Dunn NOW!

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Christopher Dunn has been wrongfully imprisoned for nearly 31 years. In September 2020, a judge declared that he is likely innocent and no jury would convict him now. The judge then said that he can’t release Chris because he is not a death row inmate – following the precedent of Lincoln v. Cassady!

Please join us in contacting the five St. Louis leaders below every two weeks until Christopher Dunn is FREED! Call from anywhere in the world! We need to let them know that the world is watching! Let them know that the next big St. Louis protest may be demanding justice for Christopher Dunn!


*Tishaura Jones, St. Louis Mayor

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*Mavis Thompson, St. Louis License Collector

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*Darlene Green, St. Louis Comptroller

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*Sharon Tyus, St. Louis Alderwoman – Ward 1

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Eighteen-year-old Christopher Dunn was at home with his family when a 14-year-old boy in his neighborhood was shot and killed just after midnight on May 19, 1990. Since hours earlier that evening, Chris was in the company of seven people, including his mother and three siblings, inside his home where he stayed until the police arrived to arrest him at 2:00 a.m. In addition to these seven alibi witnesses, phone records show a call Chris made to a friend at a local hospital that lasted throughout the time of the murder.

How could Chris be convicted of killing that 14-year-old boy if he had such a strong alibi? It is simple -- none of his witnesses were ever notified or called to testify at his trial. His public defender told any inquiring witnesses that their testimonies were not needed. The phone records were not presented in court, either.

The day before he was murdered, the 14-year-old boy shot a man who had abused his mother. The man survived and sought treatment at local hospital.

The State had only two witnesses against Chris. The State’s star witness received just probation on felony robbery changes, in exchange for testifying against Chris. This witness had a second robbery case that was to be heard - on the same day, by the same judge, and brought by the same prosecutor – as Chris’ case. But this case was “taken under advisement” – and then disappeared from the public record. In their testimonies, both State witnesses repeatedly contradicted information on police reports.

Chris' attorney did not attempt to discredit these easily impeachable witnesses. She did not even cross-examine them. She did not suggest that someone may have been motivated to avenge the victim’s shooting of a man the day before. She did not capitalize on the deal between the star witness and the State. She did not point out the many inconsistencies between the witnesses' court testimonies and their police interview transcripts.

Despite the lack of motive or physical evidence against Chris, the state referred to a gun they claimed was the murder weapon. However, the police ballistics report showed that the bullets collected from the crime scene and from the victim did not match the referenced gun. Again, Chris' attorney failed to defend him. She could have presented the ballistics report, cross examined the state pathologist, or called in a firearms expert. She did none of these things.

Why was Chris singled out and accused of murder? Chris feels he may know the answer. Well-known throughout his community, Chris counseled and encouraged younger boys to quit gangs. Many youngsters took his advice and turned away from gang life. This made him a likely target for retaliation.

The family of the boy who lost his life in 1990 deserves to know the truth, and for his killer to be found and punished. Chris deserves a chance to live as a free man. Since the 2018 hearing, he has experienced three heart attacks. Now in fragile health, he is doing his best to avoid COVID-19.

Please join us in calling on St. Louis leaders above to urge Circuit Attorney, Kimberly Gardner ( and Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt ( to acknowledge that Christopher Dunn is innocent, as the judge stated, and should be released after 31 years of wrongful imprisonment. If they don't believe Chris is innocent - then grant him a new trial so he has a chance to prove his innocence, with an attorney who will actually defend him!

For updates, please check out Chris' new site at

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!