Beloved Trumbull High Cheerleading coach forced to resign due to administrative missteps.

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Denise Patton: the real life version of Wonder Woman

Denise Patton came in as head coach of the Trumbull High Varsity Cheerleading team in November of 2018, on extremely short notice. She stepped in where she was needed and gave her all. Everyone deals with personal issues, but when Denise Patton walked into the gym, she put all that aside and focused solely on her team. She has been the most talented, supportive, caring, and kind-hearted person this program has ever seen. Every athlete that has been lucky enough to call her a coach, can agree on one thing: she has changed lives.

Denise taught each athlete how to be a leader, and that can only be taught from being a true leader herself. She feels so passionately about this sport and for these girls, which is something this program needed. She continuously bends over backwards for the well being of everyone she meets, cheerleader or not. Coach Denise Patton has never once made a cruel, or degrading comment about a person, rather she uplifts and makes everyone feel welcome. The reasons behind her forced resignation are not only unfair, but have since been proven inaccurate, and we do not stand for it. She was forced to resign for not being able to produce a document that was previously filed with the athletic department. Since then, she has been able to prove such documents in fact were not required, yet the administration has yet to acknowledge their mistake. The way the administration went about this decision was purely unprofessional to say the least. Coach Denise grew each athlete into more than just that. We will not sit idly by and watch as the woman who changed the cheerleading program at THS for the better, be silenced.

“Our girls are devastated and confused and the athletic department needs to do right by them. Our seniors that have been on varsity for 4 years started their high school cheer experience with a coach that was unable to coach safely and was forced to resign, after a long time of complaints and concern. The AD then hires a new coach. A coach that cares about each and every athlete, treats them like athletes, and raises funds so they can dress like athletes. She coached 3 different squads and the varsity team placed 6th in States to move on the the Team of the Year competition. It’s been quite a while since that has happened. She always worked for the betterment of each and every girl under her care and the girls worked hard for her because they wanted to make her proud. They knew she poured her heart and soul into it. It was more than a job to her. I do not think we need to say much more about Denise, the devastation that the girls are feeling now speaks to the kind of coach and mentor she has been.” (Colleen and John Morello)

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